Jobs and the Economy

Lee Beyer knows it’s critical that we get Oregon’s economy on track and people back to work. That’s why fostering job growth, business investment and infrastructure improvement has been Lee’s top priority as our State Senator.

To get Oregon working again, Lee Beyer is:

  • Increasing access business loans and credit for small businesses.

  • Keeping the popular ConnectOregon transportation infrastructure program moving ahead and allowing faster movement of freight.

  • Fast-tracking the approval process for industrial development projects.

  • Working with U of O and OSU to create the South Willamette Valley Regional Accelerator & Innovation Network (RAIN). The RAIN project will help jump-start home-grown technology businesses from university research.

  • Creating the Office of Small Business Assistance to cut red tape and speed up  regulatory processing.

  • Passed the largest and most comprehensive funding package for highways and roads in Oregon’s history. This includes improvements to bus services in both our rural and urban communities, increased safe routes to school for our kids, better bike routes, and critical road improvements all around Linn and Lane Counties.

  • Promoted industrial development incentive programs and business regulatory and land-use streamlining changes to make business expansion and the creation of need of new jobs more likely and easier.

  • Supported giving a tax savings to small businesses that expand providing more jobs.

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